Jim Wright was an Ensign aboard the Magoffin in 1953. These are slides from that era.
Be sure to look at his remarkable letters to home.

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nagoya1_thumb.jpg 5.1K

harbor_thumb.jpg 5.6K

backpack_thumb.jpg 7.9K
Men with backpacks

businessdist_thumb.jpg 8.4K
Pusan Business District

backalley_thumb.jpg 6.3K
Pusan back alley

pusanmainst_thumb.jpg 6.9K
Pusan's main street

sundeck_thumb.jpg 7.4K
Time on the sundeck

pusanharbor_thumb.jpg 8.0K Pusan Harbor

pusanmountains_thumb.jpg 6.4K
Pusan Mountains

armydepot_thumb.jpg 7.2K
Army Depot at Pusan

orphans_thumb.jpg 6.9K
Orphans in Pusan

deluxcafe_thumb.jpg 7.0K
Delux cafe

farmersmkt_thumb.jpg 9.1K
Pusan Farmers Market

troops1_thumb.jpg 9.9K
Loading troops - July 30, 1953

armyfinancestreet_thumb.jpg 8.2K
The street in front of Army Finance

marines7_30_53_thumb.jpg 8.0K
Loading Marines July 30, 53

apanagoya_thumb.jpg 5.9K
Another Transport - Nagoya, Japan

worsealley_thumb.jpg 6.7K
Worse Alley

saseboharbor_thumb.jpg 5.5K
The harbor and town at Sasebo, Japan

troops2_thumb.jpg 7.3K
Loading Troops

jimonleft_thumb.jpg 6.8K
Jim is the officer on the left

calmatsea_thumb.jpg 5.3K
A calm day at sea

signalbridge_thumb.jpg 8.1K
The view forward from the signal bridge

nagoya8_53_thumb.jpg 5.6K
Nagoya, Japan - August, 1963

troops3_thumb.jpg 7.6K
Loading marines

pusan_thumb.jpg 7.3K

highline_thumb.jpg 6.2K
Practice high line of injured

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