"On May 20, 1952 I reported for duty on the Maggie in San Diego Bay. I was suppose to go aboard in Bremerton, Washington but by the time I arrived she was back in San Diego. They put me on a train and sent me to San Diego where I went aboard. We trained the Marines off of San Diego and put them ashore at Camp Pendleton. Then we picked up a Navy Reserves group from Pearl Harbor and took them home to Hawaii. From there we went on to Japan. We went to the Northern Island, picked up 1st. Cav and brought them back to Honshu and dropped them off the coast near their camp. From there we went to Kobe and stayed over night. The next morning we were off to Inchon, Korea. We trained Army troops about amphibious landings. Were were in on the fake invasion off of the East Coast of Korea. We went as a Auxiliary Hospital Ship since we had all the right medical supplies." Gene says that he was in the MAA force as the only 3rd class and worked for Chief Bosun Sizer with two first class and one second class. At that time Captain Chambers was the commanding officer and Commander A.O. Long was the executive officer.
Here are Gene Spores photos from 1952