Jesse Shipley

November 19, 1945 - Honolulu, Hawaii

Jesse Shipley was aboard the Magoffin from at least December 1944 until sometime in early 1946. His daughter-in-law recently discovered a photo album with autograph pages and a log from the time he spent on the ship.
The log is a record of all of the Magoffin ports of call from Christmas, 1944 through October 1945 (and beyond). The autograph pages show the signatures and comments of some of Jesse's ship mates.
The photo album had a lot of photos of 1945's Hawaii, lots of pretty girls, some ship mates and photos of the "crossing the equator" ceremony aboard the Magoffin. The "equator" photos are the same as already published on this site.

Please help us - Mrs. Susie Shipley believes that Jesse's brother, Harold, may have also been on the Magoffin. If you knew either of the Shipley brothers, please e-mail me with the information.