Members serving in the 1940's
Dennis Molloy BG 43-45 S1/C  
John D. Adams H 44-45 1st Dentist Deceased
William Kershner   44-45  
Carl McCann E 44-45 EM2  
Harlan Truxillo BG 44-45  
Clifford Barrick 3rd 44-46 S1/C  
Merble Bellin 3rd 44-46 COX/BG  
Harold Drugan C 44-46 S1/C  
James Ford 1st 44-46 LTJG  
William Hancock H 44-46 PHM2DT  
Guy Johnson R 44-46 SF1  
Jack L. Johnson C 44-46 RDM2  
Jackson Johnson BG 44-46 SI/C  
Frank Kennon   44-46 S1/C  
George Macioce M 44-46 MM3  
Robert Marcus M 44-46 MM3  
James Mozis 2nd 44-46 S1/C  
Robert O'Brien   44-46  
Robert Olson AB&M  44-46 LT  
Robert Paquette H 44-46 PHM2  
John J. Pearce BG 44-46 MM3  
Charles Peterson O 44-46 S1/C  
Daniel Rech H 44-46 PHM2  
Ellis Roth 1st 44-46 S1/C  
Claude Rubeling 2nd 44-46 BM2  
Wilton Schanzenbach   44-46   Deceased 
Gerald Schultz S3 44-46 BAKER 3/C  
Wallace Shropshire 1st 44-46 S1/C  
Ralph Springer BG 44-46 S1/C  
Wallace Wilhelm H 44-46 PM2/C  
William Joslin   44-47 BG  
William McIntyre S 45-45 SK3  
Jack Heiken 1st 45-46  
William Tracy Com 45-46 ENS  
Thomas Williamson C 45-46 RT2  
William Lutz Jr. M 49-52 MMR3  
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