Here are some photos from Tom Baker's navy time. Please pay special attention to the last one and its message.

Al Satryb, Dental Tech., Dr. Shinninger, John Tom Baker HM3,

Vice or Vince, Ritchie, Tom Baker, HM3 BM Number 1 Alpha operation Okinawa 1965

Lap, Danang, Vietnam 1965 Papa Uma mow mow

Tom Baker 1964 USS Ranger (CVA-61)

Tom's wife Judy in 1966

The grave marker is for Tom's wife and son. Tom married his wife Judy in Nov 1966, while he was still in the Navy. Tom went off active duty on 12 Jun 1967 and his wife was pregnant at the time. Tom's son, John Tom Baker, Jr. was still-born on 14 Jan 1968, and his wife, Judy Brigita, died on 02 Feb 1968 from an infection resulting from the birth.
Judy was divorced when Tom married her, and she had five daughters. Tom was never was allowed to adopt her daughters and they were raised by Judy's former husband, who was their legal guardian.
All Tom's stepdaughters live in the San Diego area and were recently reunited with him.
Two of the daughters had different fathers and they would like to find out who their real fathers are. Judy worked at The Buccaneer, a bar down on fourth street, just off Broadway in downtown San Diego. At that time her last name was Eldridge. One of the daughters would have been conceived around May of 1962, and the other around Mar of 1964.
If anyone has any information about either of them they would love to know more. Any information would be treated very discreetly . Tom and his daughters do not want to embarrass anyone or cause anyone any difficulty but the girls would like to know who their birth fathers are for their records, and maybe to find out a little about their medical history, etc.
If you have any information that might be of help to Tom's daughters, please contact him directly by emailing If you have information and don't want to contact Tom directly, please email and I will work as an intermediary.