The Magoffin Photo & History Pages

Fred Matias send in some photos from the 1964 West Pac cruise. Click here.

Here are great photos but I forgot to write down the name of the ship mate who gave them to me. Click here

Dan Biggio sent in photos from his cruise. Click here

Don Hellman send in photos of a refueling at sea and the 1953 Christmas Menu. Click here

Ray and Cheryl Furlow have some nice photos of the "Colorado Reunion" Click here to see them

The family of Edward Damson has sent some wonderful information and artifacts from their fathers service on the Magoffin. Edward was a LT(jg) and one of the ships boat group commanders during the invasion of Okinawa during WW-II. To see this collection - Click here

Joe Ogrodowski sent four great sets of photos - Operation Passage to Freedom, A highline to the USS Calvert, some People, Places & Things and photos of the Burial at Sea of a Marine Aviator, LT. Robert A. Sala. To see these great pictures, click each name -

Passage to Freedom


People & Places

Burial at Sea

Joe Beninato sent a great collection of photos and memoriabilia. Click Here

Jim Earven forwarded these photos that were sent to him by Bill Cigler, who was in the boat group. Jim says that they were taken during Jim's Vietnam tour. Sorry there are no ID's with the photos so if you know anyone who is in the pictures, please let me know. Click here

Here are some photos from Tom Baker HM-3 along with a very important request for help.Click here

Mark Strohman sent these photos from his cruise. Click here

Herald Lowther wanted to share this photo of he and a shipmate in front of the Shanghai Hotel in Hong Kong. Click here

Tex Railey was the ship's barber from 1964-1966. Here are some of his photos. Click here

Gene Spores sent some 1952 photos and information. Click here

Art Corral (Known to his friends as "Flags" sent these 1965 era photos Click here

Susie Shipley sent us a wonderful collection from her father-in-law Jesse Shipley. Includes all of the Magoffin ports in '45 Click here
Cecil Stork sent some fantastic photos of the "Crossing the Equator" ceremonies during WW-II. Click here
Gary Miller sent these photos from the 1962 WestPac Cruise - Click Here
Were you in the crew in '52? Help Bill Logsdon's daughter identify the people in these Magoffin photos. Click here.
Bud Church sent these photos of the 1952 cruise with pictures of Otaru, Japan and Inchon, Korea. Nice article and photos of orphans visiting the ship. Click here.
Joe Hogard sent this Spring 1952 Engine Man's School Photo with Magoffin Alumni Click here.

Great 1950-51 photos from James (Dub) W. Graves, Jr. RM-1 Click here.

Read Mac Christy's personal account of Operation "Passage to Freedom" in 1954. Click here.

Thanks to Keta Wood you can read the "Magoffin Radio News from September 15th, 1953 Click here.

Thanks to Jim Wright you can read the "S.F.Call-Bulletin" for September 16th, 1953 Click here.

Jim also send photos from the Magoffin at Pusan, Nagoya and Sasebo Click here.

Jim Wright has offered us a unique experience. Here are letters that he wrote home during the summer of 1953. Be sure to read them. Click here.

Charles Goodman of Canada sent these great photos of landing exercises at To-Chok-Do, Korea in 1952 Click here.

J. Earven's web page also has great photos - Click here.

Clyde Alexander has donated a number of photos from '63 through '66 Click here.

Webguy, crew members and friends provided these photos from the 1962 West-pac cruise.Click here.

This is a fantastic photo from Viet Nam in 1954 that was found in the The Archives of Texas Tech University. Click here.

If you have photos that you would be willing to share, please contact Terry Little, Webguy by clicking here.
I will be happy to digitize them for you, post them on this page and return the originals.