The residents of Magoffin County, KY and the Veterans Association of its namesake - the USS Magoffin, over the years have, developed a very warm relationship. This relationship was strengthened after the Association's May, 2003 visit to Magoffin County High School and the Magoffin County, Kentucky Historical Society

Magoffin County was formed in 1860. It is located in the Eastern Coal Field region of the state, aproximately 80 miles SSE of Lexington and 60 miles SW of Ashland. The elevation in the county ranges from 785 to 1640 feet above sea level. In 2000 the county population was 13,332 in a land area of 309.44 square miles, an average of 43.1 people per square mile. The county seat is Salyersville. It has many changes in elevation and parts are densely wooded.

Salyersville is a town of less than 3000. Its roots go back almost 300 years and it has been named Salyersville since 1861. It is an friendly, town with a quaint downtown and the Magoffin County Pioneer Village and Museum - collection of 14 fully restored log buildings.

According to local lore, APA-199 got its name because a secretary, who was employed at the Kaiser offices, wanted to honor her Magoffin County born mother. This secretary slipped the name of the county in to the bowl that APA names were drawn from. When they drew the name for APA-199, Magoffin County was drawn.

For the last several years, the Veteran's Association has donated a scholarship to a graduating senior from Magoffin County high school. The recipient is named by the school using their own criteria. A check is then presented to the winner. In May, 2003 during the Association's annual reunion, the membership visited the High School to see the presentation.

The buses were greeted at the county line by a Sheriff's car and escorted to the high school. The school was decorated with welcome banners and ribbons. Each veteran was personally greeted by the Superintendent of schools, Mr. Don Cecil and escorted in to the school gym. Many of the teachers and students of the school were in the upper bleachers while the veterans and spouses were seated on the lower level. There were introductions and speeches and thank you's. A slide show about the Magoffin was shown and a short biography of each of scholarship recipients was given. All of the group received large rounds of applause and cheering for both the scholarship money and for having served the county. Later everyone had the opportunity to tour the school.

The group was then driven to the Community Center and given a box lunch served by folks in frontier costumes.

After lunch there was a flag raising with a "21 gun" salute provided by the Magoffin County Muzzleloaders Club. The club members were in period costume and the salute was done with authentic "Flint Lock" rifles and one very loud brass cannon. Mr. Todd Preston, the president of the society gave a short history of the area and then offered a tour the grounds. Later there was "Coffee and" in the society's research building. One wall of this building is dedicated to a very nice display about the USS Magoffin.

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