Missing Shipmates

Frequently the Association receives requests for information about Magoffin Crew Members. Usually these requests fall in to two catagories -

(a)Veterans trying to locate former shipmates & (b)Children, Grandchildren and siblings who are trying to find any crew member who might remember their Father, Grandfather or brother.

(A) Advice for veterans seeking shipmates
  1. Click on the button "Ship's Roster"
  2. to see a list of the Association Members.
  3. Go to a good seatch engine such as Google or Dogpile and enter that persons name.
  4. Go to the Yahoo.com People Search and enter all of the information that you know.
  5. Click on this link and go to Vets.Org. This site can be very helpful.
  6. Click on this link and go to Military Connections, Another helpful site.

(A) Advice for those seeking former crew member information.
  • Please either send an email message to Postmaster@ussmagoffin.org or leave a note in the Guest Book. Be sure to provide as much information as possible including:

    After receiving your message, the Association will poll its members, both here on this page and in the Association Newsletter.

    Harold E. McElroy, Magoffin, '52-'55, is trying to locate Lewis Patterson. If you know of his whereabouts please contact Harold by clicking here.

    Can you help Bill Logsdon's daughter identify people in her dad's photos? Click here