Bill Logsden was in the Navy between 52-55. He served a tour on the Magoffin and was a FN and then MM-3
His daughter sent these photos in hope that some of the others in the pictures could be identified.
If you know anyone in the pictures, please let her know by clicking here.

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s 1_thumb.jpg 5.8K
Bill is on the right

s 3_thumb.jpg 7.9K
Who are these guys?
Click to find out

s2_thumb.jpg 8.1K
Bill is 3rd from the left

s4_thumb.jpg 6.4K
Do you know who these fella's are?

logsdon1_thumb.jpg 8.1K
Bill is 3rd on the right. (right side at the back of the table)

logsdon2_thumb.jpg 8.0K
Bill is in the middle

Mac's Navy pic_thumb.jpg 9.8K
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5_thumb.jpg 4.5K
Wm Logsdon

6_thumb.jpg 6.9K

 9_thumb.jpg 6.6K
Bill in Pusan

s 10_thumb.jpg 7.5K

s 7_thumb.jpg 7.1K

s8_thumb.jpg 5.7K
Bill on the right. Is the man on the left Bruce Findley?

s #12_thumb.jpg 6.7K
Bill on far right. Labeled "This was taken at the Subic Bay swimming pool"

s #14_thumb.jpg 7.9K
Bill is on the left

s 13_thumb.jpg 6.6K
Bill and friend

11_thumb.jpg 6.4K

 #15_thumb.jpg 8.4K
Are you here?

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