Edward Damson, LT(jg) passed away a couple of years ago. His children have been kind enough to send the Association some wonderful artifacts about his service aboard the USS Magoffin. According to his son Bob, "He was older than many, coming into the war late because he hesitated leaving a wife with two little kids at home. But his experience on the water with many years of sailing and his advice to students in his history classes to "do their duty" pushed him into enlisting." He was a boat officer and was one of the leaders of the first wave of boats during the invasion of Okinawa.

Edward was a true family man and always included his cartoons in his letters home. To see an example, Click here

To see his "Shellback" card - Click here

To see a "Thanksgiving Day" boxing card and letter from 1945- Click here

To see one of his pay records - Click here

To see liberty lists from Landing Craft School Click here for page 1
Click here for page 2

To see a list of the Magoffin's officers - Click here

Most importantly - To read an account by Edward's best friend aboard, Cliff Clemens, of the Okinawa landing, a Kamikaze attack on the Magoffin and the sinking of one of her boats - Click here

Among Edward's other memoriabilia were two photos of the U.S.S. Magoffin. You may have seen the photos before but these are high quality scans from original photos.

To see the Magoffin in camouflage paint and underway - Click here
To see the Magoffin in Whangpoo Harbor, Shanghi, China - Click here