Charles Goodman served in Korea as a platoon commander in the Canadian Army. For a three month period in 1952 he was a Liaison Officer at 1 Commonwealth Division HQ. At the time he was a 2/Lieut. (He later retired as a Major) Most of his time was spent carrying messages to HQ 1 Marine Division. He was invited to go on an assault landing exercise with them. They sailed on USS Magoffin to the island of To-Chok-Do. These are some of his spectacular photos. Our thanks to "Chic"

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apa199_thumb.jpg 6.0K
USS Magoffin (APA-199)

practice_thumb.jpg 6.9K
Practicing bringing aboard injured

papa4_thumb.jpg 7.5K
Papa #4

loadingtrps_thumb.jpg 8.5K
Loading troops in the boats

loadingtrps2_thumb.jpg 6.1K
Going down the cargo nets

boatwave_thumb.jpg 5.4K
Boat wave heading in to the beach

fullloads_thumb.jpg 5.9K
Full loads of troops

thebeach_thumb.jpg 6.9K
The Beach

boatline_thumb.jpg 3.7K
Boat Line

amtracs_thumb.jpg 3.7K
Amtrac's heading in

wading_thumb.jpg 4.3K
Troops wading ashore

boatsandsampan_thumb.jpg 3.9K
Landing craft and local vessel

wadingcanadian_thumb.jpg 5.4K
2/Lieut. Chic Goodman

tropsboatsam_thumb.jpg 6.4K
Troops, boats and sampan

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